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Solar Stadium

Posted by solarimagery on February 27, 2008

Solar Stadium

Outdoor stadiums are an obvious choice to install solar power. They have plenty of space in rooftops and get unobstructed sunlight which makes them a natural choice to install solar power. AT&T Park, Major League Baseball Stadium and home of San Francisco Giants is one of the first stadiums to sport a photovoltaic solar system. Flood lights and scoreboards are all powered by the solar power. So the stadium is green too….

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Solar Boat

Posted by solarimagery on February 26, 2008

solar boat

 When it comes to pollution, boats are not far from it. Boats around the world have to use oil as a main source to power them. Enter solar sailor, a passenger boat powered by wind and solar energy. Its movable wing-like solar panels act as sails. It is hybrid, meaning it can run on wind, sun, battery, diesel or any combination of them. Solar sailor is currently operated as a passenger ferry in Sydney, Australia. This could be a new beginning in using renewable energy in boats and ships.  

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Google Goes Solar

Posted by solarimagery on February 21, 2008

Google's Solar Project

Google has been one of the earliest adopters of green. Googleplex, the Mountain View campus of the search engine giant is said to be one of the largest solar panel installation on a corporate office in the United States. The installation comprises of 9212 solar panels to generate 1.6 Mega-watts of clean energy. The installation of the solar panels over the rooftops of the corporate office was started in November 2006 and was successfully completed in June 2007. In a world where large industrial establishments are busy polluting the environment, Google has set an example to others by setting up this installation which is environmental friendly and cost saving.

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Solar Tower in Spain

Posted by solarimagery on February 20, 2008


PS-10 is the name of it. This 350 foot tower is located in Seville, Southern Spain. Solucar, a Spanish energy company has built this 11 Mega watt concentrated solar power tower. A field of 600 mirrors reflects the rays of the sun to a heat exchanger at the top the tower. The heat exchanger converts the solar energy into steam. The steam drives the turbines to produce electricity.  6000 homes are being powered through this tower. Amazing!!!

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